Healing the Self Silent Retreat

Healing the Self One Day Silent Retreat

We are all worthy of the time and space to explore what healing ourselves feels like

Spend one day in silence with us! IIA’s Healing The Self Silent Retreat is designed for individuals who would like to create some space within themselves for themselves.

We were all born with the power to heal ourselves and heal others. This retreat gives people permission to accept their divine power and understand the importance of healing oneself while healing others.

Since we are all healers, we are all worthy of taking the time and space to explore what healing ourselves looks and feels like in our own unique journey.

Dive deep into the soul with a slow, restful, nourishing approach.

Give Yourself Full Permission To Be

Ready For An Evolution of The Soul?

After what seemed to be a long 2.5 years of rest, healing and growing, I am pretty excited to offer my FIRST very own silent retreat, here in Cape Breton! I have been implementing silent retreats into my life for over 5 years and each time it allows me the space to settle and find clarity in many areas of my life. 

The day will incorporate many modalities that I have discovered over the years that I have found on my own path to healing that I cherish and hold close to my heart (i.e., yoga nidra, energy healing, teachings, exploration time, reflection periods, visualisation tools, writing exercises, guided meditations etc.).

While we will be diving deep into the soul this experience will be guided with a slow, restful and nourishing approach. 

Dates & Location


Knotty Pine Lodge, Cheticamp

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Investment: $399

I'm giving you full permission to be flawed and vulnerable.

This one day Silent Retreat is for someone who

Confidently sink into yourself

Settling Into Silence

We will begin our silence at 10am and end our silence at 6pm just in time for dinner. 

Holding this silence is healing for us all. No one will be shunned for making a mistake… if anything pay attention to when you feel the urge or need to talk. 

This in itself is giving you information and guiding you somewhere. 

Be mentally ready to leave your life at the door before you enter. Envisioning this idea as you enter the space will foster your ability to dive deeply into you. 

Retreaters will be encouraged to hand in all electronic devices upon arrival and are asked to leave all their hats at the door when they arrive.

This is your time and distractions will only pull you away from your sacred time. 

Confidently sink into yourself and have the ability to relax. 

This may cause some discomfort for some, just know that we will have the tools to walk you through the challenge.

Retreat Agenda & What To Bring:

We will start the day with an Opening Ceremony where we give space to set a clear intention for the day, followed by a relaxing Yoga Nigra led by Chelsey.

We’ll then spend the remainder of the day in meditation, gentle movement and workshops exploring ourselves and where in our lives we can let go a little bit in order to create a little bit of space for something new.

Lunch will be provided by our local sandwich shop: Last Chance Sandwich and dinner will be potluck style.

Each retreater will be asked to contribute a dish of their choice to dinner. 

Tea will be provided for breaks.