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Remembering Our True Essence We were all born as pure light and love… our natural state of being.  And yet, we tend to find ourselves consistently yearning, searching for happiness, freedom, safety, connection… like these things exist outside our physical body.  Born in a time and space where we are still navigating layers of fear, suppression and oppression.  If we are all worthy of love and abundance then why does it seem like these things
Transcending The Darkness There is something to be said about honouring the energy of each season. When we don’t we can feel a hell of a lot more suffering.  Winter is a time to rest, heal, feel the depths of our soul, let go, dream, manifest, visualize, be in nature, enjoy, find stillness often, go slow, rest…   In doing these sometimes really hard, uncomfortable things… we can feel grounded in the wisdom that has been
How do we create change from a place of inspiration rather than desperation? Honouring the season of winter. As we inch ourselves into the winter cycle we are being asked to slow down long enough to reflect on the things that are working in our lives and the areas where we can make changes that support us in living from our hearts, in true alignment. It’s a magical time of year to embrace stillness and
How We Can Make Space For Self Love And Creativity Learning how to integrate BALANCE into our lives is the key, for us.  This word came to us 12 years ago, after Finn and I decided to take a break from the reno’s we courageously took on after purchasing our first home together, without much experience. It was a humongous learning curve and very valuable wisdom was gained through the whole experience, but our souls

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