How We Can Make Space For Self Love And Creativity

Learning how to integrate BALANCE into our lives is the key, for us. 

This word came to us 12 years ago, after Finn and I decided to take a break from the reno’s we courageously took on after purchasing our first home together, without much experience. It was a humongous learning curve and very valuable wisdom was gained through the whole experience, but our souls needed time to rest and heal from the madness.

There is a hill on the Trans Canada, right as you come into New Brunswick, where the world literally OPENS up. Can you visualize it? This is when the word BALANCE came through to us. 

What did it truly mean to integrate balance into the life we were creating together? 

Pushing… forcing… establishing… working… was exhausting and it didn’t leave much time to explore and wonder. 

We wanted to feel relaxed, creative, inspired, and self-loved. 

Needless to say, we ended up coming home from that trip, with a second house. Another project. Another sacrifice. 🤪

Looking forward to today, Finn and I have more wisdom than we did, since this idea of balance came to our awareness.  It takes time to unravel old patterns and then integrate new ways into your life. Life is a journey. And it’s a process.

Knowing what we know now, there is a listening that needs to be equally integrated into our lives as are the action steps we take. 

The more we consciously make time to listen to our heart… the more we can hear… and the more guidance we have. Giving us the confidence in the action steps we intentionally choose to make. 

The more we learn how to open our hearts and love ourselves, the more we are able to create. 

For the past few years we have been consciously learning how to create from a place of stillness first, before taking action. 

We still find ourselves falling into acting first and being impulsive. It takes sometimes years to unravel patterns that are so innately, environmentally, embedded into our cells.

Not to mention the simple fact that… life is busy. 

It takes a conscious choice to change things in our life that are not going to be easy. It takes time to let go of expectations we place on ourselves and the ones others put on us. To simplify our life so we can have the capacity to show up in different areas of our lives. 

Being okay taking the time to rest… and often, sometimes several times a day… in between our action steps allows us to create from a place of clarity and abundance. 

Seasonally, we are flowing into a space where our souls are preparing to unwind and rest from the active energy summer brings. A time when we harvest all the beauty we created and show gratitude for the gifts and talents we have shared with the world. A space where we prepare to go inwards to reflect, find stillness and see where we are being guided next.

Taking this time to slow down and rest can sometimes bring many feelings of restlessness to the surface, as our bodies adjust to a new rhythm, especially with the shorter days. These feelings continue to motivate us to heal, grow and flourish within our practice. However, by allowing ourselves to surrender to the discomfort and become still, the more we are able to love our authentic selves and create an abundance of magic! 

Practical tools we can integrate to nourish our ability to feel create and self loved:


Use Our Time Wisely

There is a balance in structuring every moment of our time and making space to be spontaneous. However, without holding ourselves accountable for our time, we risk giving our time away and/or something taking the space that we haven’t accounted for. 

What are our highest values? How do we spending our precious time? Do these things light us up? Making space for things that we love help us feel whole and complete. 

Know Our BIG Why

What motivates us to get up every day? What legacy do we want to leave behind when we transition? How do we want to make the world a better place? 

When we have a why that is BIG enough it helps us get through the rough days. It’s not easy living from our hearts. It comes with healing  generational cycles and embracing a shit ton of change. When we can see the bigger picture… it keeps us focused on the bigger picture as opposed to the “problem” in front of us. 

Implement Healthy Boundaries

How often do we say no thank you? Or maybe we have already structured our life where we are honouring our needs most of the time? People pleasers are self haters (this was me in a nutshell for many years) so it is vital to put healthy boundaries in place for ourselves, our children, partners and extended families so we have the capacity to create and love from a place of inspiration. 

Scan Our Environment

If our surroundings don’t support us growing, then we can remain stuck. When we can be honest and surrender to our hearts desires, the universe will completely support us. What can we change in our lives that will support us to challenge ourselves?

Your Voice Matters

Your loving feedback is essential to how we learn and grow. Your words, thoughts, ideas, and/or expressions inspiring us to continue creating and serving.

Please feel free to fill our our feedback form below to let us know how we are doing. 🙂