We are a family unit of four living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia who are inspired to live from our hearts and take action to live the most amazing lives we can imagine. 

Becoming parents is a life changing experience, as most people know. What we didn’t know (or expect) was that our kids would guide us just as much as we guide them. They are our teachers, our healers that foster our ability to slow down, listen, and evolve.

Passionate about sustainable living, we are a conscious loving and living family unit who are inspired to share what we know with like-minded souls and families whom are equally inspired to surrender to their hearts desires and create a life they love. 

Chelsey & Finn

We were doing all the “right” things…but somehow something was always missing. 

When we met in our mid twenties, we were lost and confused, and spent most of our time together in action.

You get the drift. 

Throughout all of these achievements, we often wondered, why we didn’t feel fulfilled, free, enough? It felt like something was missing, and at the same time, we truly believed we had “everything”.

A Shift In our entire existence


After finding out we were pregnant with our first daughter, Rosemary, our entire existence shifted.

This pregnancy was a magical experience. We had always been spiritual people looking inwards but carrying Rosemary was such a wonderful push to seek more fulfilment and purpose in our lives. 

So we did.

It was during this time that Chelsey opened her first baby business, Balance. 

Recently becoming trained as a Reconnective Healer and achieving her Reiki degrees over the past five years she felt this huge yearning to guide evolving mothers and women in feeling worthy of love and giving them full permission to be authentically imperfect. 

There were times Rosemary would speak to Chelsey from time to time, especially when fear snuck in, giving her the gentle nudge she needed to reach outside her comfort zone towards her purpose. 

Driving home from a training session, she can remember the exact moment she felt Rosemary’s spirit telling her what she wanted to be named and that it was time to open herself up and share her light with the world.  

It was Rosemary’s existence that inspired the birthing of Balance.


What were we waiting for?

We were then blessed with the pregnancy of our second daughter Lavender, three years later, and we were guided in a whole new beautiful direction. 

Since we had found out about her essence, she was consistently pulling us back, slowing us down. To our egos, this was infuriating many times. She humbled us over and over, showing us the importance of trusting in the unknown. The only way to continue living was to be honest with the whispers of our heart and fully live our truths. 

We began to explore all areas of our life and evaluate what was working and what wasn’t. 

What were we waiting for? 

Thankfully, we have always had a curiosity for anything and everything alternative, which always led us to modalities and/or practices that encouraged us to take care of ourselves in ways that resonated deeply with our hearts. 

Through these sacred experiences (and a lot of well spent time, money and credentials) we found a new understanding of worth, abundance and what it truly meant to live from our hearts. 


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Birthing Imaginations In Action

Taking Action

During this phase of our lives of carrying and birthing our children, we as young parents, started attracting experiences that led us into being curious about the influence of the subconscious mind.

Our love and curiosity for energy work and alternative modalities have healed deep parts of ourselves. 

It has given us such a deeper sense of appreciation and awareness for mind-body connection, providing safe experiences to let go of anything that is no longer serving us, giving us clarity in moving forward. 

Although action is critical, being able to listen to what your heart is yearning for is essential before implementing action. 

We usually can hear these desires of our hearts when we are ready, willing and able to tap into our imaginations. To continue freeing ourselves of old patterns that no longer serve us as we evolve and grow and taking accountability for our own lives, creates the space to explore and engage with our imaginations. 

Since deciding to put the whispers of our hearts into full action and consciously being aware of where Rosemary and Lavender have been guiding us, we have decided to open our first family business together, Imaginations in Action.