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We are a Centre where families can go to help themselves reach their dreams, receive tools, insights and guidance so they can get from where they are to where they want to be with fulfillment, joy and gratitude. Think of this as your family’s sacred space where they can feel safe being their most authentic selves, while fostering the process of creating a life your hearts desire.



As spiritual guides, we created this space as a place for evolving families to take accountability for their lives, show them how to feel gratitude for the magical life they have already created, and give them full permission to feel worthy to ask for more. True freedom and abundance has no limits!

Act From A Place Of Conscious Intent

And You Will Create A Life Your Heart Desires.

We weren’t born to live this journey all on our own. Sometimes, we need to lean on others to help us get there, and that is okay. Finding the right mentorship relationship is important so that we can feel safe and loved while we grow in love and wisdom.


We are building a community where families have access to tools that foster their ability to feel:


  • Safe in being self-sufficient,
  • In control of the lives they are creating,
  • And confident in going at a pace that is aligned with their hearts and enjoying each step of the way. 


We want to emphasize the importance of slowing down. To take time to rest and relax. So we are able to notice and listen.



There is honest wisdom when we can find this stillness and listen to the deep desires of our hearts.


It is only from this present place of consciousness where we are able to enjoy the subtle, yet significant universal synchonosies and bring our dreams and aspirations into reality.


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Start Creating Your Reality In A Flowing And Free Way

You Are Enough

We live in a world now where we feel like we have to do “this” in order to “have” “that”, that we owe it to society to live the life we have, that faster is healthier, that going slow makes you lazy, that you need to depend on systems to survive, that western medicine is the only way. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 


Create a life you desire and feel free in every aspect of your life (vocation, health, spiritual, finances, relationships, mental, social, environment).


Learn how to listen and act in alignment with your heart


Find inspiration and be willing, ready and able to expand and grow


Find ways to simplify your life and become self sufficient and creative

Slow Down

Create time and space to slow down and find enjoyment

What's On....

Summer Day Camp & Swimming Program

With our 15+ years of experience with children and mindfulness practices, Finn and Chelsey are thrilled to offer a space where children can connect and feel free and safe in their environment.


A place to play and have fun through exploration and adventure, while building valuable skills along the way. 


Finn will be instructing the Swimmer 1 swimming lessons, which will be held at our back lake, Grand Lac, while Chelsey will be instructing the Camp portion of the day throughout the property. 


Imaginations in Action Summer Camp & Swimming Program is recommended for any child ages 5-8 who are looking to feel more comfortable with water and to build healthy social connections.

About Us

Parenthood Is A Humbling Experience...

After having both of our children we quickly learned they were teaching us as much as we were teaching them.

It was a consistent reminder to pull back, slow down, and listen. There were moments when their little souls would speak to us from time to time, especially when fear snuck in, giving us the gentle push to reach outside our comfort zones towards our purpose.

To our egos, this was infuriating many times.

But the only way to continue living was to be honest with the whispers of our hearts and live our truth. We began to explore all areas of our life and evaluate what was working and what wasn’t.

Finn and I started Imaginations in Action after realizing our kids guided us out here to face our fears (leaving the conventional, comfortable life that we lived), to follow our hearts and what we were really being called to do. 

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Meet Our Family


Chelsey has always had an equal love for teaching and healing. Whether it was working for the Hamilton School Board for 12 years as an elementary school teacher or running her sacred business, Balance on the side in the evenings.

With her credentials in the Heart Freedom Method, Chelsey specializes in releasing beliefs in the subconscious that no longer serve her clients so they are able to create a life they love, from their heart center.

Chelsey is currently working towards creating authentic experiences for her daughters, continuing to manifest a beautiful life with her husband, and looks forward to guiding like minded individuals who are equally inspired to create a life they love.  


Finn has spent the last 15 years acquiring three tickets in the skilled trades, while balancing the responsibilities of a multi-home owner, co-creator, and conscious guide for his two daughters.

It wasn’t until this current next chapter of his journey that he has been able to tap into his love of the outdoors, revitalizing old skills, such as life saving, to create opportunities for his children and the community.

Through several years of intensive inner work and focus, Finn has been able to tap into the desires of his heart and is enjoying bringing these visions to reality. He looks forward to continuing to nudge himself outside his comfort zone, as he knows this is where his destiny lies. 

Rosemary & Lavender

These two soul sisters have chosen a journey, where they are able consciously grow in love and wisdom. Since they have arrived they have guided their parents in living outside their comfort zones in order to create experiences that foster their ability to feel connected, free, inspired and grateful. 


They are the inspirations of our family’s mission and vision and will continue to challenge and support us so that each of us are living to our highest good. We are so grateful for them choosing us as their guides (the vehicle for their journey) that is organically unraveling one step at a time. 


Their curiosities and wonderings inspire us to continue growing, expanding and flourishing. 


Hear What Others Say About Us

“Chelsey was warm, welcoming, professional and positive about my own personal experience. I showed up with an open mind and I left my session with more of a peaceful feeling over my mind and and more aware of my internal body.”
Rob Fairhall
Rob Fairhall Ontario
"Chelsey Roche is truly a genuine soul. Her authenticity, dedication and passion for helping others shines through during her treatments. Not only will you feel comfort in her treatment space, but you have found someone who is knowledgeable in her craft. She has discovered her true calling, the gift of guiding others through their inner ability to find balance.”
Meghan Crewson
Meghan Crewson Ontario
"Working with Chelsey as a client of her Life Coaching has been an incredible and emotional experience. It has connected me with parts of myself I didn’t know I could connect with, and tapped into my subconscious to heal my soul and spirit in places I didn’t realize needed healing."
Jenn Cowlin
Jenn Cowlin Ontario
"Listening to Chelsey’s perspective and the insights she has gained through her own journey made me want to explore my “self” in a new way. I look forward to continuing my journey now that I have opened myself up to possibilities that taking the time to love oneself is not only possible but a necessity for well-being."
Susan Carreau
Susan Carreau Ontario
"Our first session was powerful & emotional, transformative and intense. I felt lighter, free, at ease, content and all around balanced. As our sessions continued Chels was able to draw things out that had been held onto for years, each time she was able to help me compartmentalize, accept, release and move forward."
Harry Ontario


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As spiritual guides, we take responsibility in all areas of our lives so that we can show up for our families/clients from a place of high vibration, inspiration and love. Our clients take accountability for their learning as they know living from their heart may not be an easier life, but it's indeed a better one.

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Help you gain clarity on your career path & offer you the insight on how to climb the ladder.

Let’s find out


Help you gain clarity on your career path & offer you the insight on how to climb the ladder.

Let’s find out


A large part of our businesses values gravitate around the fact that EVERYONE is worthy of the life of their dreams (whatever that happens to look like). We take seriously dissolving any blocks preventing them from taking this as their belief and offering the tools necessary to foster living their most magnificent life.

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It’s time to start spending your time in a way that lights you up. We are here to help you map out the steps and guide you along the way.

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