Transcending The Darkness

There is something to be said about honouring the energy of each season. When we don’t we can feel a hell of a lot more suffering. 

Winter is a time to rest, heal, feel the depths of our soul, let go, dream, manifest, visualize, be in nature, enjoy, find stillness often, go slow, rest…  

In doing these sometimes really hard, uncomfortable things… we can feel grounded in the wisdom that has been remembered… as we transcend the darkness into the light of spring. 

From this grounded place we can have the capacity that helps immensely when it comes to putting action steps towards our missions, visions, and creations in the next coming months.

A question that has recently kept me accountable and motivated to heal is: what do I want to be known for? 

IIA’s 2023 Spring Newsletter

If you have been following our journey, thank you… it has been so nice to have you. Your energy and essence keeps us accountable and inspired. 

What a transformational season of resting and reseting. I sometimes don’t realize until mid winter, how flipping tired I am. Which usually comes with a couple necessary burn outs to keep me humbled.

It does gives me a gauge as to where I am at though. Back in the day I would have never even let myself feel tired. I didn’t ever stop long enough to consider it (conditioning). Building awareness and integration takes time. We cannot rush the process. 

Needless to say, The Roche family is rested and re-centred. We have lots of projects and creations in mind for the near future and look forward to sharing our sacredness with anyone who it resonates with.  

our family and health

Finn and I are changing on a consistent basis. Is it comfortable? No. But the more we challenge ourselves the more we are supported. We are living proof of that abundance.

The past 6 months have been spent detoxing my body of the last 10% of seizure medication I have been taking for the past 18 years. The darkness has been dark… and I know what I shed, our children shed. I am so grateful for the support of this family I chose. They are warriors for choosing me as their partner and mother. 

And equally, we have been divinely supported during the process and have even had many moments of enjoyment. We are so grateful for our new health and wellness family goddess who has been holding the space like a champ for our family. She is magic. 

world learning

Homeschooling has turned into… unschooling… which has turned into just world schooling really… if we have to label it.

I am absolutely amazed at the resources/experiences we have been able to find and offer the girls. It’s authentic, diverse, real and natural. Every time we drop our expectations a bit lower, Rosemary and Lavender lead us somewhere deeper and more meaningful. 

We also have been spending our extra time as a family visiting different homeschoolers over Cape Breton Island. This movement is big and it has incredible momentum behind it.  

We have met some truly, earthy, authentic, real, resourceful, creative, abundant, natural beautiful families and are very inspired to continue co-creating with this special community. 


Unfortunately Finn and I will not be running swim lessons and summer camp this coming season. We have a special wedding to be at in Ontario, so we will be spending some of the summer weeks there.

That’s not to say we may not have a Pop UP Day Camp at some point, here or there. We will keep you posted. 

Finn and I are really looking forward to hosting a camp experience with our Unamaki Homeschooling Group in Baddeck once a month come April. We will be running programs for the kids (integrating people’s super powers) and providing supports for parents.

future creations and visions

Finn and I are eager to prep our land and continue developing our property. We have some big visions moving forward and we know that what we put our attention towards will grow. And having other structures that visitors can utilize while we run our programs is a high priority for us in the next 3-5 years. 

Finn’s been working away at the shed… which is now being transformed into our first cabin. Our plan is to move it… yes… movie it… to the North East corner of the property in order to have extra space for an office/bunkie. We are looking forward to creating simple, beautiful stations where our visitors can find stillness. We look forward to attracting people who are curious about healing, nature, living intentionally, more simply, self-reliant. 

We are also looking forward to hopefully getting our new 700 foot driveway put in next door. When we bought this house, it came with a strip of land that starts at the Cabot Trail and ends at the back of our lake. Our plan is to build there in the next few years. We are in the beginning stages of designing and manifesting.

But once we have access to that piece of land by car, we will be able to continue creating more spaces for our visitors.

coaching clients

It has been such a magnificent opportunity working with other curious beings who want more for their lives. Regardless of their story, they are showing up, doing the work and seeing the results of shedding past patterns that no longer serve them. 

I am so grateful to feel inspired to hold the space for those who want to heal and fully step into their worth and abundance. 

The clients I attract are equally significant in my own healing journey as they too are teachers guiding me to continue stepping outside my comfort zone towards my destiny.

Come April I will be opening my availability to allow for two more clients. I am attracting individuals who feel curious and/or inspired to shift into a new way of living, breathing and being. This service is recommended for individuals who have tried many healing methods and are feeling as though they are “missing something”. 

If this opportunity resonates with someone you know, feel free to share our contact and/or have them book an Exploratory Session to see if we would be a good fit.

Many Blessings, 

The Roche Family