Welcome To A Sacred Space

Giving You Full Permission To Be

A space for love where like minded souls can feel safe to show up as their authentic selves and be celebrated and nourished. Think of this as your sacred space where we are safe and worthy of love. 


As a spiritual guide, I created this space as a place for evolving individuals and families to find support throughout their life journey, receive love and share their passions, aspirations, and desires. 

Discover a happier, more Empowered YOU!

Give Yourself Full Permission To Be

Ready For An Evolution of The Soul?

I guide conscious individuals and families how to take accountability for their lives, show them how to feel gratitude for the magical life they have already created, and give them full permission to feel worthy to ask for more; true freedom and abundance has no limits. 

Our hearts want us to admit our dreams and aspirations and then act on them. However, many times we find ourselves living a life differently than this. We get stuck. We hold ourselves back. We feel unworthy. Not enough.

I want my clients to feel grateful for the magnificent life they have created for themselves and guide them towards feeling worthy to ask for more. True abundance and love is limitless and is available to everyone and anyone who believes they are worthy of it

Having Gratitude 62%
Listening To Our Heart 50%
Feeling Worthy 45%
Ture Abundance 60%
Permission To Be YOU 55%

Feel Inspired To Live From The Heart Centre

I provide the perfect environment to foster my client’s ability to feel safe while being vulnerable. I guide my clients through the Heart Freedom Method where we begin to release subconscious blocks that may be holding them back. 

Through this work, my clients are able to feel worthy of love and abundance and are inspired to live life from their heart centre. I also love implementing energy work throughout the growing process to nurture the mind, body and spirit. 

I work with spiritual beings who are intrinsically motivated to dig deep in understanding themselves and learning how to live from their heart and manifest a life that they truly desire.

My Journey

I am a child of the universe, here to evolve, play, create, enjoy, live from my heart and encourage others that they are worthy of the same.

My self-development journey was initiated when the universe started waking me up at the age of 20. Within five years, I had experienced three grand mal seizures which was a manifestation of me rejecting life itself. After years of some intense external and internal struggle, and seeing my limited options with western medicine, I became very curious of different modalities of healing.

With one teacher and layer at a time, I grew and evolved with more love and wisdom. As my consciousness expanded, I was guided to experiences and opportunities that gave me access to many valuable tools and resources that I used daily to help me live from my heart. Finding meditation soon led to Reiki, which led to my discovery of Reconnective Healing/The Reconnection, and more recently the Heart Freedom Method.

Like anything worth pursuing in life, my journey has been full of equal challenge and equal support; however, the conscious effort to listen to and act from my heart in balance has guided me to many moments of inner peace, stillness, and gratitude along the way. Through this self healing journey I found a calling in guiding other magnificent beings in doing the same for themselves.

empowering the shit out of Individuals

I'm giving you full permission to be flawed and vulnerable.

You Are Not Alone

I opened this practice with the intention of providing a space for any other evolving individuals who are curious in exploring themselves and their lives. With all the teachers and healers I have had in my journey I know we were not meant to walk this journey alone. And sometimes, even when we are surrounded by many people, we can still feel lonely.

Feel safe while also being authentic!

Know that embracing all sides of yourself (the light and the dark) is living life to its fullest.

I want to emphasize the importance of pace. To slow down. To rest. Relax. Rejuvenate.

There is wisdom in the stillness. Find presence and you find yourself soaking in the most joyful moments. Life is not a race, but rather a  journey. A process that takes time, patience, compassion, and a willingness to be vulnerable and free.