How do we create change from a place of inspiration rather than desperation?

Honouring the season of winter. As we inch ourselves into the winter cycle we are being asked to slow down long enough to reflect on the things that are working in our lives and the areas where we can make changes that support us in living from our hearts, in true alignment.

It’s a magical time of year to embrace stillness and let go of patterns, habits, and/or beliefs that are no longer serving us, stepping into our worth and finding a balance between listening to our hearts and putting realistic action steps in place to support what our hearts desire.

Knowing how we want to feel is a good place to start exploring. This often leads to having more clarity of what magic we would like to bring to fruition in our lives.

Appreciating how far we have come

For many years, I participated in the “work hard play later” lifestyle motto. I vividly remember this poster hanging in my grade 6 homeroom classroom, leaving it to our young impressionable hearts to digest these strong messages all on our own. This idea that we had to do one before the other, like we weren’t worthy of playing UNLESS we worked hard was also modelled to many of us through our parent’s journey while growing up.

I wholeheartedly believe that during these times, many generations were dissolving their own generational patterns, which served them in evolving and creating beautiful lives for themselves and for their offspring.

But what we tend to forget to remember is how evolution has changed over time. For a long time, we were in a time of space where the universal yang energy was present and strong. Working (yang) hard was socially acceptable and playing (yin) freely was irrelevant. 

However, as we evolve and grow in love and wisdom we are reminded that we all have both yang and yin energy within us in order to help us create harmonious changes within our lives.

So as we are being given the space and time to remember and harness our yin energy, we are finding that we are able to dissolve the illusions we have created in our past and from the outer world… and open ourselves to the desires of our hearts.

When we move from a place of action (yang), before we slow down and listen (yin) we don’t really know if the change we are initiating comes from a place of heart or unconscious state of mind.

As we now move into a world that is waking up to remembering that each living being has both male and feminine energy within us, we are being encouraged into a new flow, a new way.

We are being encouraged to get in touch with our yin energy, bringing the yang and yin back to a place of balance, so we can maximize our life’s potential, purpose and destiny.

One way will not be sustainable all on its own. If we continue to ONLY push and force, or if we ONLY listen but never act on our desires, we will be met with resistance until we learn how to embrace AND integrate both the masculine and feminine energies into our everyday life. 

We need both to live from a place of inspiration. 

Integrating change

It is human nature to shift from one place to another place and not realize that many times these actions are driven by a place of conditioning and pre-set expectations from our past, or the mind.

When we are acting from a place of conditioning we are trapped in this paradox of choosing because we “have to” or “should” or “need to”, which encourages us to continue running away from the problem at hand or running towards something that is more pleasurable.

When we are able to heal the illusions that our souls have divinely chosen to help us survive in this wild world, we are then able to give ourselves permission to free ourselves from these limitations and choose from a more heart centred place.

We are able to listen to our heart’s aspirations and then put realistic action steps in place to support our desires. 

Some Loving Tips: 

Create change from a place of gratitude

When we want to make a change, ONLY do so when we have full gratitude for the challenge that we have attracted. Otherwise nothing new has been learned. This will cause us to attract the same challenge in the new situation, instead of dissolving the past illusion and choosing a new challenge that will be more aligned with your highest values.

Love is BOTH challenge and support 

Understanding that love is both challenge and support is key. We will never have one without the other. We need both to be in perfect balance.  Once we can see the light and dark in every moment, experience, and/or situation, we are able to understand that we are not the victims and instead the creators of our own experience.


Listen to our heart. Our heart wants us to know two things: that we are worthy of love and to admit our dreams and aspirations. If we cannot hear the whispers of our hearts then we continue to choose from a cerebral place, which will continue to keep us stuck in old patterns and belief systems. Take time to get clear on what you want. Without knowing what you want, then we are just attracting the same random experiences that can feel like a burden.


Acting is a very important part of the process in creating the life we want. But if we continue to act without any intention we can find ourselves attracting challenges that we have no control over. If we are having a hard time acting and are met with resistance and challenge then know we may be holding onto old stories that are keeping us stuck. Finding someone we can trust that can help dissolve these old stories that can many times keep us stuck is always helpful along the way.

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