Remembering Our True Essence

We were all born as pure light and love… our natural state of being. 

And yet, we tend to find ourselves consistently yearning, searching for happiness, freedom, safety, connection… like these things exist outside our physical body. 

Born in a time and space where we are still navigating layers of fear, suppression and oppression. 

If we are all worthy of love and abundance then why does it seem like these things are only accessible to some and not others? 

If our thoughts become our words and our words become our actions, and our actions become our habits, and our habits become our character and our character becomes our destiny, we can see how we may be contributing to our own suffering. 

The journey is about remembering our true essence by being willing to unlearn a lifetime of conditioning and being ready to let go of all the imprints that we have been subject to from the outer world. 

As we purify our minds, bodies and souls from the toxins and pollution we expose ourselves to, we are then able to remember the perfection and magnificence of our being from within. 

Every little baby action step counts! 

IIA’s 2023 Summer Newsletter

Although, it took us the better part of Spring to adjust to waking up to a new rhythm, the Roche family has fully appreciated being home for their first official Spring here as Cape Breton also seems to take her time waking up and adjusting to a new pace. 

Trusting and honouring the process as Spring slowly emerges into Summer is key. This can feel hard, especially when we have spent the long Winter months holding our vision and sometimes our initial instincts are to GO once the weather changes.

However, making a conscious effort to slow ourselves down and taking time to enjoy, play and rest through the Summer months is important when nourishing the mind, body and spirit, while putting our visions into action. 

Besides, going slow is the new fast. The more time we take to enjoy the more capacity and energy we will have to continue doing what we love and loving what we do. 


The process of detoxing the mind, body and spirit of all toxins is a process, that continues to humble us and slow us down. And after manifesting a grand mal seizure in early April, I was guided to a whole other layer of understanding and truth in my journey and healing. 

Not only did I walk away from this experience with pure gratitude (which spoke volumes to how far I have come in my healing journey), but it also gave me further clarity as to why I have chosen this divine journey. 

Understanding we are only light and love at our core is critical. Anything else, is simply not ours. Fear, sadness, guilt, shame, these are only layers of imprints from the outer world, that are in our control to heal. 

So as we continue to purify and cleanse our bodies of all toxins, substances and pollution… the layers of suppression, oppression, past conditioning continue to come up and out, giving us more experiences to remember our true essence, free our children of the emotional injuries we have contributed to, and better equipped to help serve others who want to feel the same sense of freedom and sovereignty. 

Here’s to embracing our birthright and shining our inner light bright so that others have permission to lead as well. 

world learning

As we continue to remember this idea that we are our most powerful as a child, allowing our daughters to be free in their wonderings continues to be a high value to us.

Our children know themselves the best and already have the wisdom to lead the way.

If we listen, they guide us in our journey. We are not raising our children, but rather we are raising ourselves (healing our own trauma) through their guidance. We are one of the same.

The more we nourish and foster this idea in our children, the more they are able to hear the whispers of their own hearts as opposed to being distracted and imprinted by every consumerism, materialistic, artificial imprint that is readily accesible to them. 

It’s been such a joy to give them experiences outside the “box” and create opportunities that give them exposure and opportunity in a way that doesn’t have to be confined by rules, limitations and constraints. 

These past few months we have been hatching our own butterflies (thanks to Ryn and Lane), growing our garden from seeds, prepping the land so that our food will continue healing our dis-eases, learning fiddle, traditional step dancing, performing on stages, consciously taking opportunities to face our fears, exploring bugs, bird watching, learning how to raise ducklings, partaking in Coach Nicole’s Gymnastic classes, etc. 

We have been partaking in a Dance and Music program that Nicole Deveau has programmed on our behalf for our Homeschooling Community, and Finn and I were able to offer a camp for our Unamaki Homeschooling Group last month which was terrific, along with meeting up with fellow Homeschoolers once a month for extra play, connection and movement. 

We also had the pleasure of visiting family in Ontario for the month of March which always serves many unique purposes for each of us to help us grow and flourish.

future creations and visions

The Cabin is coming along wonderfully. We are fortunate to have the help of a new found friend and are so grateful for the extra set of hands and his support in our visions. 

We even had the pleasure of using it to host a very special bday celebration this past Spring. So grateful for these two beautiful soul sisters and all the abundance they have brought into our lives. Here’s to 3 and 6! 

Fingers crossed we will be able and ready to share our sacred space with the world come Fall. 🙂

Our intention is to continue building our Space of Love so that more people have access to tools that foster their healing journey and remembering in their own true essence. We have the experience and the tools to help support other families whom are looking for more freedom, sacred family time, and enjoyment. 

coaching and workshops

With more time and clarity, I am opening my availability and space for three whole hearted in person clients who are ready to put their dreams into action and live a life that further aligns them with the whispers of their hearts.

While I continue to visualize and call in these magnificent beings I have been pulled to start offering workshops for our growing community. We are calling this special project: A Space Of LOVE where we will be serving other inspiring beings who are curious about integrating more rest, enjoyment, love and connection in their already beautiful lives. 

Our theme for this workshop is: What is LOVE? We are talking about our true essence and what being loving means in every area of our lives. 

This workshop is geared towards anyone who is looking to incorporate more loving rituals into their lives. Usually when we have the space to see how we are spending our time, we see areas where we could be utilizing our time more efficiently so that we have more capacity for our already full lives.

If you want in on this magic IN PERSON or VIRTUALLY please see the following details and links below to CONFIRM and REGISTER your attendance!!

Tuesday July 4th, 2023 ($70 exchange)

IN PERSON: 5pm-8pm (ALT)

VIRTUALLY: 4pm-8pm (EST)

Keep your eyes open for our next IN PERSON and VIRTUAL workshop coming this SEPTEMBER around the FULL MOON. We are calling it, Dissolving Fear.  If you would like on the waitlist, please email us at: [email protected]

coming soon and manifestions… 

Recently, Finn approached me and vocalized that he was ready to start sharing himself with the world in a NEW and inspiring way. I am so proud to see him stepping outside his comfort zone and offering these sacred services. 

Finn has been practicing Reiki for over 5 years now and although I have experienced first hand the magic of his touch and presence, I am absolutely thrilled that others will also benefit from this beautiful man’s energy and essence. Finn will soon be offering sessions via in-person and at a distance for any other inspiring being interested in this practice. 

Reiki is a Japanese technique that fosters healing and relaxation. This divine practice is a wholesome experience as it nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. A session can include moments of releasing, relaxation and feelings of peace and security. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.

Finn has ALSO officially finished writing his FIRST children’s BOOK. I know right? Writing a book has been a creation he has been working on for some time now and is looking for the perfect ILLUSTRATOR to bring his words to life. Feel free to reach out if you know of anyone who would be interested in this opportunity. So proud of you babes! 

Further, Finn has been having these visions of guiding groups of people on nature adventures. So this SUMMER he will be leading his FIRST 30km Bike Tours for anyone who feels inspired to join. Email us at: [email protected] if you are interested. ,